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Advanced Design Solutions’ is a leading design and manufacturing company specializing in custom material handling packaging. ADS creates packaging solutions that can range from racking made of steel parts with various styles for internal dunnage, to bulk bins, wash trays, shipping and storage pallets, and WIP. There are no limits to what ADS can design for your needs. Key Benefits

Racks       <<< Back <<<     

Racks can be custom designed for the handling and shipping for a variety of many different products. Racks are developed to carry customer parts in-house as ‘Work In Process’ (WIP) and for shipment between plants. Send ADS your part data or a physical part and see what a creative and experienced design team can deliver for your company…

Bins       <<< Back <<<

Steel parts bins used for bulk storage and shipping, can be designed in many shapes and sizes specific to your needs. Designs are tailored to improve warehouse and shipping efficiency in order to reduce your cost. Various features like drop gates, false floors, shelves and dividers can be added to a custom application.

Wash Trays       <<< Back <<<

Wash Trays are stackable and have adjustable/removable center dividers

Dunnage       <<< Back <<<

Dunnage is the component that holds and contains the part. Dunnage design has a direct impact either positive or negative on the effectiveness of your packaging. ADS has the capability and knowledge base to provide designs in various materials from steel, plastic, plastic corrugated, foam, and different types of textiles. All dunnage is created with profiles to protect your parts and improve your manufacturing process.

Pallets       <<< Back <<<

ADS can design and build pallets to suit your needs for various load capacities and handling requirements. Pallets can be stackable or non-stackable and designed to your specifications. If you don’t have a specification to build to, ADS can help you develop one.

Key Benefits       <<< Back <<<

  • Standardize workflow
  • Boost productivity
  • Eliminate waste
  • Simplify processes
  • Reduce floor space
  • Support safe practices
  • Maximize quality (keep parts safe)
  • Reduce transport costs
  • Eliminate Logistics inefficiency

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